Horse Head 0.19

Today’s episode of Horse Head is a super-jumbo (three-minutes!) installment. While one of the “rules” of Horse Head Season Zero is to issue weekly one-minute episodes, the purpose of the Horse Head is to workshop (in public) the large quantity of Horse Head footage/story I’ve shot over the last 6 years. Here, the key moment of the greatest human hacker (Deena, played by the amazing Ashley Byrd) coming face-to-face with our antagonist (Ray – See, Episodes 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9) was just too big to to squeeze into 60-seconds. This episode also features some original music by me, including a remix of Gene Moore’s beautiful score to the film Carnival of Souls. If you haven’t seen Carnival of Souls yet, you should. It’s a 1962 low-budget horror film that is eerie as hell and said to be an influence on the work of David Lynch and George A. Romero.