Horse Head and a man twirling his pasties. Text: Just your typical Horse Head Human Meet-Up
Smiling person with a tiny horse head taped to their forehead. Text: Horse Head communicator
Horse Head holding a puppy. Text: Even an extra-dimensional super-being needs some puppy time.
A nude Horse Head dancing. Text: Horse Head relaxing.
Horse Head sitting on the couch with another character, laying oven-mitted hands on her. Text: Mind Meld With Mitts
Horse Head does a hand stand in front of a huge photograph of raw meat. Text: Yoga

Punk Rock Icon KID CONGO POWERS (Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds) stars in Special Episode of HORSE HEAD: SEASON ZERO – A Web-Based Film Project Mixing Science Fiction and Art Film/Queer Aesthetics


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Horse Head: Season Zero, an underground/punk/art film masquerading as a science fiction narrative web series seasoned with queer aesthetics, has reached the halfway point of its 52-week run. To celebrate, the Horse Head Team has released a special 24-minute film made from past episodes and previously unseen footage, featuring Special Guest Star/Rock God, KID CONGO POWERS — “a bona fide legend of the L.A. punk scene (nay, rock on the whole)” says a magazine called Vogue.

The special film is called “I AM RAY: Fair Warning Motion Picture #1 (A Horse Head Short Film).”  In the film, Horse Head (a body/gender-fluid, super-intelligent, extra-dimensional alien-super-being) is captured and imprisoned by Ray, a super-being with personal space issues.  Ray puts Horse Head inside a stuffed Elf as a form of torture.  After a decades of torment, Ray gives Horse Head a mental breather by allowing for the creation of a simulation of the charismatic rock star Kid Congo Powers.  Preview the film below.

The film serves as a quick introduction into the world of Horse Head, as well as a relaxing filmic visit with one of the true greats of Punk Rock. The middle portion of the film consists of a chat with Kid about the following topics: his first guitar; his favorite household chores; his creative process; the impact of Glam Rock on him as a young teen; and when he knew he was Gay. So, the film is half Lynchian nightmare and half a sit-down with Ellen Degeneres, if she was trapped in a stuffed Elf.

Horse Head creator, Rob Parrish, is an award-winning filmmaker from Washington, D.C. His previous online project, Next To Heaven ( was called “brilliantly bizarre” by The Guardian newspaper and “fascinating and addictive” by film-writer and super-star podcaster, Karina Longworth.  See, for more Next To Heaven press.

Horse Head co-producer Sea Griffin is a queer, genderful/gender nonconforming performance artist/writer/producer.  From mer days as co-founder of DC’s notorious pervpunk theatre troupe, Cherry Red to now as producer of storytelling podcast Tales from the Round World, multi-instrumentalist in bands The Diane Scream Show, Boy Meets Pearl and Gynoceros, as well as a regular combatant in Elvis Birthday Fight Club and an aspiring aerialist, Sea has always sought to be challenged and grow as an artist while performing and producing spectacles for adults.

Horse Head: Season Zero is releasing 52 weekly episodes through September of 2020 at as a public workshopping of the material.  Horse Head will eventually become a series of short films or perhaps a feature film.