Horse Head 0.33 – Tom’s Trip Part 2

I enjoyed creating this smeary and cracked version of a human brain on a “date” with an alien intelligence. While part of the series, I think this episode stands alone as a trippy short! SUGGESTED COURSE OF ACTION: Consume your libation of choice, put on your earphones/or use your big speakers, and have a trip to Horse Head world.

Description of the Episode If It Was On HBO: “As Tom’s date with a latex-topped super-powerful alien continues, intimacy issues arise.”


I AM RAY: Fair Warning Motion Picture #1 (A Horse Head Short Film)

To celebrate the mid-point of our 52-week season, we proudly present a special 24-minute film made from past episodes and previously unseen footage, featuring Special Guest Star/Rock God, KID CONGO POWERS — “a bona fide legend of the L.A. punk scene (nay, rock on the whole)” says a magazine called Vogue.

The film serves as a quick introduction into the world of Horse Head, as well as a relaxing filmic visit with one of the true greats of Punk Rock. The middle portion of the film consists of a chat with Kid about the following topics: his first guitar; his favorite household chores; his creative process; the impact of Glam Rock on him as a young teen; and when he knew he was Gay. So, the film is half Lynchian nightmare and half a sit-down with Ellen Degeneres, if she was trapped in a stuffed Elf.

Horse Head: Season Zero – Trailer 2

Chris Griffin (Horse Head’s delightful and patient co-producer) and I are very excited to begin sharing a data set from another dimension: On September 10, representations of Horse Head’s adventure on Earth #270 will commence transmitting! Horse Head came to Earth #270 to survey the culture, try on meat bodies, and party … but they found some trouble as well.

To cast, crew, beta-testers, web developer supreme – Alberto Gaitán, and all other humans who have heard the rumors concerning Horse Head, thank you so much for your interest and support! More will be spoken about our riot of collaborators.

The short transmission attached to this post stars Blanca Chingamiga and Jeremy Pace! They were wonderful and generous! (More of them to come!) Also thanks to Gareth Branwyn for welcoming the team to his home for the shoot and Antonio Souto Fraguas for his top-notch cinematography!

Electric Dreams Says Hello To Horse Head

Horse Head In the “Real World!” Horse Head: Season Zero was just highlighted in an Inbox Zine called Rusty’s Electric Dreams!  I’ve looked through the archives and can definitely recommend it as a source for the type of weird ephemera Horse Head would love. For example, Marshmallow Fluff wigs! Generated by Rusty herself. Horse Head resists hats and wigs, because, after all, their head is in essence a hat/wig combo . . . two hats are one too many in Horse Head’s view.

Anyway, do subscribe to Rusty’s Zine and thanks Rusty Blazenhoff for giving Horse Head a nod. Also thanks to my buddy Lynn Landry for bringing Horse Head to Rusty’s attention.