I AM RAY: Fair Warning Motion Picture #1 (A Horse Head Short Film)

To celebrate the mid-point of our 52-week season, we proudly present a special 24-minute film made from past episodes and previously unseen footage, featuring Special Guest Star/Rock God, KID CONGO POWERS — “a bona fide legend of the L.A. punk scene (nay, rock on the whole)” says a magazine called Vogue.

The film serves as a quick introduction into the world of Horse Head, as well as a relaxing filmic visit with one of the true greats of Punk Rock. The middle portion of the film consists of a chat with Kid about the following topics: his first guitar; his favorite household chores; his creative process; the impact of Glam Rock on him as a young teen; and when he knew he was Gay. So, the film is half Lynchian nightmare and half a sit-down with Ellen Degeneres, if she was trapped in a stuffed Elf.