Horse Head 0.15

Another glimpse into one of the 7 billion plus individual encounters occuring the night Horse Head arrived on Earth 270. Many just heard a voice in their heads, an odd rustling in the trees, or a shimmering image on a T.V. screen filled with snow. Others like Ernie (Ep. 13) and Katie (Eps. 12 & 15) got more personal moments. But, everybody knew the time was right for them to find their unique voice and to use it.

Today’s episode stars two very talented D.C. artists, Katie Macyshyn and Renee Regan. Please check out their Art!

Horse Head 0.19

Today’s episode of Horse Head is a super-jumbo (three-minutes!) installment. While one of the “rules” of Horse Head Season Zero is to issue weekly one-minute episodes, the purpose of the Horse Head is to workshop (in public) the large quantity of Horse Head footage/story I’ve shot over the last 6 years. Here, the key moment of the greatest human hacker (Deena, played by the amazing Ashley Byrd) coming face-to-face with our antagonist (Ray – See, Episodes 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9) was just too big to to squeeze into 60-seconds. This episode also features some original music by me, including a remix of Gene Moore’s beautiful score to the film Carnival of Souls. If you haven’t seen Carnival of Souls yet, you should. It’s a 1962 low-budget horror film that is eerie as hell and said to be an influence on the work of David Lynch and George A. Romero.

Horse Head 0.20

To review. Ray put Horse Head in a stuffed Elf and left them in a dark room with only a lamp made of a shell for company. Then, after 25 subjective years, Ray allowed Horse Head (still inside the Elf) to create a version of Kid Congo Powers from their memories.