Horse Head 0.22

Horse Head 0.22 is another special jumbo episode of Horse Head. Inside the pocket universe built for the Elf-Imprisoned Horse Head, the simulation of Kid Congo Powers does not take well to finding out he is not “real.”

The episode features a snippet of a longer interview with Punk-Legend Powers. The longer version of the interview will be included in an upcoming special completion and expansion of the episodes featuring Kid.

Thanks to Zach Kahn for playing Ray and Scotty the Elf for playing the Elf-Shaped Cage.

Horse Head 0.24

Horse Head: 0.24 – “Kid Loses His Mind!” The simulated Kid Congo Arc comes to a lovely (creepy? I can’t tell anymore.) end. Except! Stay tuned for a special extended remix of all the Kid episodes coming in a few weeks (including an extended interview with Kid!)! This episode includes a snippet from the song “Escapetism” from the Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds album La Arana Es la Vida. It’s a great record! Do buy it!

As always, thanks to the wonderful Horse Head players: Ashley Byrd as Deena, Kristen Briscoe K-Star as Dorothy, and Zachary Kahn as Ray (the Antagonist). The episode also features Candy del Rio, Shane Gardner, Ryan Hill, Bradley Chriss, Megan Blafas-Chriss, Lansing O’Leary, Rebecca Rose Vassy, and Victoria Vixen!

Last but not least, this episode also includes music by the majestic Insect Factory from their record called Work! Buy it too!