Horse Head 0.9 of 52

Today’s episode shows images from the time that Ray imprisoned Horse Head in a desert-shaped cage. Very hot . . . temperature-wise. Very black and white too. Production Notes: Big thanks to John Howard for composing and performing the music for this episode. Beautiful work! Also thanks to Maribeth Egan and Ruby Parrish (facebook refuser) for shooting this episode. […]

Horse Head 0.15

Another glimpse into one of the 7 billion plus individual encounters occuring the night Horse Head arrived on Earth 270. Many just heard a voice in their heads, an odd rustling in the trees, or a shimmering image on a T.V. screen filled with snow. Others like Ernie (Ep. 13) and Katie (Eps. 12 & […]

Horse Head 0.19

Today’s episode of Horse Head is a super-jumbo (three-minutes!) installment. While one of the “rules” of Horse Head Season Zero is to issue weekly one-minute episodes, the purpose of the Horse Head is to workshop (in public) the large quantity of Horse Head footage/story I’ve shot over the last 6 years. Here, the key moment of the […]

Horse Head 0.22

Horse Head 0.22 is another special jumbo episode of Horse Head. Inside the pocket universe built for the Elf-Imprisoned Horse Head, the simulation of Kid Congo Powers does not take well to finding out he is not “real.” The episode features a snippet of a longer interview with Punk-Legend Powers. The longer version of the […]

Horse Head 0.24

Horse Head: 0.24 – “Kid Loses His Mind!” The simulated Kid Congo Arc comes to a lovely (creepy? I can’t tell anymore.) end. Except! Stay tuned for a special extended remix of all the Kid episodes coming in a few weeks (including an extended interview with Kid!)! This episode includes a snippet from the song […]