Horse Head 0.24

Horse Head: 0.24 – “Kid Loses His Mind!” The simulated Kid Congo Arc comes to a lovely (creepy? I can’t tell anymore.) end. Except! Stay tuned for a special extended remix of all the Kid episodes coming in a few weeks (including an extended interview with Kid!)! This episode includes a snippet from the song “Escapetism” from the Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds album La Arana Es la Vida. It’s a great record! Do buy it!

As always, thanks to the wonderful Horse Head players: Ashley Byrd as Deena, Kristen Briscoe K-Star as Dorothy, and Zachary Kahn as Ray (the Antagonist). The episode also features Candy del Rio, Shane Gardner, Ryan Hill, Bradley Chriss, Megan Blafas-Chriss, Lansing O’Leary, Rebecca Rose Vassy, and Victoria Vixen!

Last but not least, this episode also includes music by the majestic Insect Factory from their record called Work! Buy it too!