Horse Head 0.3

This week’s episode stars Kellan Hancock and an Ice Skating Bear. Kellan was much more cooperative on set than the bear. And don’t worry Kellan, that part where you walk on glass and lay on a bed of nails will see the light of day. Also appearing is Aaron Spaace!

Horse Head 0.4

Humans were not always in full control inside of the Horse Space. Sometimes you got an experience you didn’t know you wanted. Please support our show by liking its Facebook page – Horse Head! Starring:Kellan HancockJim Dandy – SideshowVictoria V Ixen With:Cherie SweetbottomDanny Cavalier Music by:Steve Hilmy Written & Directed by:Rob Parrish Produced by:Chris Griffin Special …

Horse Head 0.5

Horse Head 0.5. Our narrator introduces himself. (If you’re enjoying Horse Head, please share with other people who might also enjoy!)Starring:Kristen Briscoe K-StarZach BowmanAshley ByrdPiso MojadoZachary KahnRichard Wall Written and Directed byRob Parrish Produced by:Chris Griffin

Horse Head 0.07 of 52/Runtime 60 Second (Horse Head Handstand)

We learn some important information regarding our narrator, Ray. But, where is Ray exactly? Why is he telling this story? Mystery upon mystery. Big thanks to Carson Clay Calhoun for playing Horse Head, even though he was under the weather (you can’t tell can you!). And to the wonderful and amazing Sasha Lord, who to help a friend …