Horse Head 0.6 of 52/Run Time 60 Secs.

Today we debut the new naming convention! I’ve gotten feedback that people are “liking” Horse Head episodes on social media, but swiping on by, thinking, “oh, that video will be long, I’ll come back and look at it later.” Horse Head was designed to be bite-sized — because that’s one of the key sizes of the human future (i.e., very small and very big). Horse Head – A petit bonbon for the eyes, ears, and mind!

Since the last episode, the team was informed that Horse Head’s first 10 episodes will be part of Local Filmmakers Night: Horror Edition at the fabulous Suns Cinema in Washington, D.C.! 

Kellan Hancock
Jim Dandy – Sideshow
Victoria V Ixen

Written & Directed by:
Rob Parrish

Produced by:
Chris Griffin

Special Thanks:
The Bier Baron Tavern and Comedy Loft
Arlington Independent Media
Lauree McArdle